5" Touch Screen Windows CE 6.0 OS 4GB GPS Navigator Multimedia Player

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Main chip SIRF, single-core
CPU ARN11 533MHz
Operating system Windows CE6.0
Display 5" color TFT touch screen
Resolution 480 x 272
Memory Build-in 4GB containing USA & Canada & Mexico Map(you may replace it with your local GPS software & maps)
Audio file format WMA, MP3
Video file format AVI, FLV, WMV, 3GP, MP4, MOV
E-book format TXT
Support language English / French / German / Spanish / Portuguese / Hungarian / Italian / Russian / Greek / Polish / Turkish / Finnish / Roman / Slovak / Czech / Norwegian / Danish / Swedish / Dutch
FM Range 76 ~ 108MHZ
Support extend card Support TF card, up to 16GB
USB interface USB2.0 5pin interface
Other functions Support multi-functions such as navigation, early warning, MP3 / MP4, digital photo frame, E-book, games...etc
Working temperature 0~60?
Working humidity 45%~80%
Power supply 100 / 230V universal power adapter, 5V / 1.5A
Battery 800-1000mAh lithium battery
Size 13.2 x 8.4 x 1.1cm / 5.20" x 3.31" x 0.43" (L x W x H)


Car GPS Navigation——Your Driving assistant?

It guides you any address you want to go, with a portable GPS navigation system in your car, you won?t have to worry about getting lost. It is a must have convenient accessory today. Hence, if you want a GPS navigation device, you should consider one according to your needs.

 Car GPS Common Functions

Map search: Search for your destination via map search function and record the map information Route planning: The GPS system will plan a suitable route for you automatically according to your departure place and destination.
Voice navigation: With the help of voice navigation, the driver can know where he or she must turn left or right, as well as car and traffic information without watching the terminal.
Image navigation: The terminal will display map, the location of the car, driving speed, the distance to destination, route reminder, turning reminder and other driving information.
Route Redesign: When you are missing or go into a wrong direction, the GPS will redesign a new route according to your location.

How to Install Car GPS Navigation in Your Car

How to prolong the lifespan of your GPS?
1.Close the web page before switching off the device.
2.For the first three times using, remember to charge it for 10 hours to better the battery capacity.
3.To protect the battery, it is advisable to start the car and then connect the GPS to the cigarette lighter outlet. Pull a cable out of a socket after navigation.
4.Don’t touch the navigator screen with pointed objects. Keep it away from harsh bumps.
5.Don’t expose it to the sun for a long time.
6.Keep it in the ventilated and dry place when it is not in use

Tips and warning
Please operate the GPS navigator device in a correct way,otherwise some frequent problems will occur

1.If you want to change your destination midway through, say, "Navigator new route". The Commander will ask you to enter the new starting point

2.Say, "Navigator no turn," if a turn is blocked off. The Commander will calculate a new route. This will take a few seconds, and then it will provide you with verbal directions

3.Say, "Navigator detour," if you come upon a detour. The Commander will say, "Did you say, ?Detour? ? "Say, "Yes. “Commander will ask, "Are you still on (Street Name)?" Say, "Yes." Commander will calculate a new route and begin giving you new verbal directions.